Crawl Space Repair, Basement Waterproofing, and Foundation Repair throughout Zionsville, Indiana

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Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana Foundation Pros is a family business specializing in basement waterproofing and foundation repair and replacement services. Indiana Foundation Pros has years experience maintaining properties in Zionsville and locations all across Indiana.

Basement Waterproofing

Ideal for storage and even converting into an extra living space, a finished basement can add a significant amount of value to a property. However, many basement areas across Indiana suffer from water problems. This can be a major problem as not only will a damp basement create a musty smell in your home but the moisture itself can also give rise to mold and various structural problems. At Indiana Foundation Pros, we specialize in basement waterproofing in order to prevent water problems and in doing so help remove the threat of such inconveniences.

Foundation Repair and Replacement

Settlement cracks in property foundations are quite common. However, step cracks, horizontal cracks and extensive wall cracks in general can be a sign that your property has settled poorly or has suffered over winter freeze and thaw cycles. Because such cracks will only get worse if left unattended, it is important to approach a foundation repair specialist such as ourselves who can repair and if necessary completely replace your property foundation.

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation

An improperly sealed crawl space can lead to both poor insulation and a rise of humidity under the home. This can lead to weakened floor joists as well as the growth of mold and mildew. Thankfully, we can install a crawl space encapsulation system and help keep your home warmer and dryer, as well as help prevent humidity causing problems in the crawl space.

About Zionsville, Indiana

Named after William Zion, a pioneer settler, Zionsville was first laid out in 1852, however, a permanent settlement in Zionsville is recorded as having been established as far back as the early 1820’s. Today, Zionsville benefits from the town's close proximity to the major metropolitan amenities of nearby Indianapolis. Having preserved a distinctly small town atmosphere, the local community is a close knit one and Zionsville is consistently commended for its excellent local schools.

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