Crawl Space Repair, Basement Waterproofing, and Foundation Replacement throughout Sheridan, Indiana

Sheridan Carnegie Library

If you’re experiencing leaking walls or cracks in your home’s basement, you need the help of an experienced basement waterproofing contractor. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana Foundation Pros has years experience attending to all manner of basement waterproofing and foundation repair concerns.

Basement Waterproofing

The first thing to do if you are experiencing water in your basement is check for any external causes such as clogged or leaking guttering. If no such external cause can be identified it’s likely that your existing basement waterproofing has been compromised. If left untreated, this can lead to serious problems with your home's foundation, as well as give rise to mold and fungus outbreaks. Thankfully, at Indiana Foundation Pros we can work quickly to help you reseal your basement and prevent further moisture from entering your home.

Foundation Crack Repair

Are cracks appearing in your homes dry walling? If so, it’s possible that your home's foundation has been weakened either due to potential water issues or your home having settled. Whatever the reason, it’s important to act now to address such concerns. If not, your home will only begin to suffer more structural problems as time goes on. Helping homeowners all across Indiana, Indiana Foundation Pros can provide comprehensive foundation repair services if weaknesses are identified early. Alternatively, we are also able to carry out full foundation replacement work.

Crawl Space Repair

An unsealed crawl space can act like a magnet for moisture. Because that moisture can’t escape after being trapped in your homes crawl space, it will rise upwards leading to problems starting to manifest inside your home. Helping you avert such problems, we can provide crawl space encapsulation and in doing so prevent both pests and high humidity from causing more problems in your home.

About Sheridan, Indiana

Founded in the early 19th century, Sheridan has a somewhat colorful history. This is due to the Hamilton County town having been founded by George Boxley, an abolitionist wanted by bounty hunters in Virginia after fomenting a slave rebellion. Originally called Millwood, Sheridan became a buzz of industry later in the century due to factories and mills clustering around the town railroad. However, in 1913 much of the town was destroyed by fire leading to the loss of many of the town's historical records. Today Sheridan is a thriving town which is still home to a number of historic buildings constructed between the 1880s and 1930s.

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