Yard Drainage around your home

Water Draining Into The Basement From Your Yard?

The Problem: Water Not Draining Properly in Your Yard

Do you have a problem with how the water drains in your yard during periods of heavy rainfall? Perhaps the grading is such that the rain runoff from your neighbors yard feeds into your lot? We can help with all kinds of drainage issues that Indianapolis area homeowners face.

The Solution: Yard Drainage & French Drains

Proper diagnosis is a big part of finding the proper solution. From yard grading to downspouts we need to assess just where the issue begins and the most cost effective method to find a solution.

Not only will your yard look better and be more useful, but having a yard that drains properly will prevent water damage to the foundation of your home. Furthermore, a proper drainage system and gutters with the correct type of extensions will often eliminate water seeping into your basement or crawl space area which can help eliminate the need for a basement waterproofing system or crawl space encapsulation. Installation of these systems can also help improve the overall air quality of your home by reducing the amount of excess humidity is in the air.

What is a French Drain?

A french drain is normally put in at the lowest point of your yard to ensure it captures and redirects water. However, a drain system can be installed elsewhere if the troublesome water is not located at the lowest spot in a yard. The drain tile system will have a drain port positioned so it will not allow the water to flow back toward your home, foundation or basement.

The drain tile system itself is buried into the ground. Since the the drain uses gravity to help it carry the water away, it is necessary to install your french drain on a downward slope of at least ¼ inch per foot. The professionals at Indiana Foundation Pros have the equipment and knowledge to ensure that the drain slopes properly.

Choice - Hire a Contractor or D-I-Y?

A drain tile project is pretty simple to plan, however, it requires a lot of manual effort. Experience really matters in producing a result that is going to work. Often the do-it-yourself-er may encounter some problems along the way, for example: tree roots, driveways, sidewalks, large rocks or underground utilities. Installing the french drain yourself can not only be more time consuming, but also more costly than hiring a professional. Many times we have had customers work for weeks on their yard drainage only to call us and have the problem fixed in just a day with our experienced crews.

Steps We Take and the Materials We Use

  • Materials used include drain tile pipe, rock, sand, shovels, rakes, backhoe, trenchers and strong backs.
  • Starting from where the water will enter the drain and ending where the water will flow out, we dig a ditch that is about 10 inches deep x 6 inches wide.
  • We lay about 2-4 inches of rock into the trench before placing the pipe lengthwise into the ditch.
  • Cover the pipe with another layer of rocks, again about 2 inches.
  • Fill in the remaining space with soil and then plant some grass seed or sod as per the job specs.

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