Interior Wall Cracks

Wall Crack Repair

The Problem: Cracks and Water Leaks in Basement and Foundation Walls

A crack in your foundation walls can lead to water leaks that in turn mean a wet basement which can turn into the need for a basement waterproofing system. There are two most common types of cracks that you need to be concerned with, including horizontal and vertical. Usually cracks are happening because of soil movement that in turn produces great force on the walls and occasionally they are indicators of issues that will require foundation repair. Also, when yard grading or drainage issues occur or heavy rain over time causes the ground to swell and then shrink during dry weather it takes a toll on a foundation's integrity and strength. Often people ignore minor cracks - when the issue goes unaddressed eventually the crack size or gap will become bigger and then any water that builds up will begin draining into the basement via the opening. If you catch a wall crack early and fix it usually it is a pretty simple and inexpensive repair compared to having to install an entire drainage system.

The Solution: Epoxy Injection and Carbon Fiber

Although "patching" a crack is not a permanent solution often times it will stop all seepage for several years. Since water always takes the path of least resistance a quality crack repair can give you peace of mind knowing that water will no longer be able to seep through the filled in crack. Using a high quality epoxy that is waterproof and doing the repair properly by digging out all loose material prior to using a high pressure injection method we have had great success fixing or patching specific areas of concern. It is important to understand that this doesn't address the entire perimeter of your foundation and other possible problematic areas. We often will use carbon fiber strips over the crack once it is sealed up. The carbon fiber give added strength to the repaired crack and also provides support to the wall itself.

To learn more about why cracks are common in Indiana foundations and why our repair method is budget friendly give us a call. At Indiana Foundation Pros we try to offer homeowners practical and proven ways to fix basement problems without having to spend a fortune on unnecessary work.

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