Tuck Pointing

Tuck Pointing Your Foundation

The Problem: Cracks & Separation in Mortar Joints

Deterioration of the mortar in brick, stone and block occurs overtime due to moisture that could be diverted with a basement waterproofing system, structural settlement that results in the need for foundation repair, and natural aging of buildings. If left alone the mortar will just continue to break up and lead to other issues such as chimney separation or support wall failure.

The Solution: Tuckpointing or Repointing

Tuckpointing is a process which includes removing and replacing deteriorated and missing mortar in between brick, block and stone. Considerations about when to tuckpoint include:

  1. Age of mortar - It's good to take a serious look at the mortar is it is over 25 years old. Life span can vary depending upon when the work was done, what materials were used and how good of quality the mason performing the work was.
  2. Exposure - In the Indianapolis area we have frequently changing weather so depending on the direction a wall faces over time a surface can be impacted by conditions and weather patterns.
  3. Material - Different manufacturers make different quality mortars. Although installation procedures are the most important aspect careful consideration must be given to quality of the material used. Colors, curing additives, adhesives, amount of Portland cement,, lime and aggregate or sand all play a part in using top quality mixes.

Tuckpointing will last 25+ years. Why not as long as the original mortar? The original mortar bed is 3-4 inches wide. Tuckpointing is put in at about 1″or less depth. The wider joint, understandably lasts longer. Anything with voids in joints over 1 inch deep, should be heavily considered for relay. New construction is also typically laid with new material that has less weathering and voids for moisture to pocket in during freeze thaw cycles.

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