Settling Foundation Damage

Foundation Settlement Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Problem: A Sinking or Settling Foundation

When a homeowner first learns that the soil is moving under or around their home it leaves not only a sinking feeling in their heart but often times in the bank account as well. If you know that you have a problem with settlement do not waste time hoping it just goes away. The quicker you take action the more likely the cost will be less to fix the issue.

The culprit to houses having foundation failure is usually mother nature and poor yard grading. When the earth gets wet and soil becomes saturated and then later it becomes hot and dry certain types of soil will expand and contract. Often this is referred to as "plastic soil". During the movement, the weight of your house's structure on the foundation can cause the foundation to shift due to the changing soil conditions. Over time, the weight of your home can cause the entire structure to sink in places which can create problems with wall cracks or even water entering the home creating the need for a basement waterproofing system to be installed.

The Solution

In order to fix or shore up a structure, a method called "foundation piering" is used. Piering is basically taking steel pipe and driving it down into the earth using hydraulic equipment and a lot of pressure. Once the pipe hits "load bearing strata" then the contractor can lift and stabilize the structure. Indiana has a lot of unstable soil so we have many homeowners who have had to use piers in order to keep their homes on stable ground.

Warning: Don't be fooled by contractors using scare tactics when it comes to making a decision. If you feel a salesman pressuring you on the spot and telling you that if you don't make a decision today, kick him out and find a foundation repair contractor who is trustworthy. Many people in the foundation repair business are all about high pressure sales and just out to make big money. Even if you don't use us, at least give us a chance to share our knowledge and experience. You won't see us using expensive and sleek computer programs but we will fix your problem properly and for a lot less than others doing virtually the same type of work. When it comes to foundation repair it can become very confusing - but, it doesn't have to be.

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