Are your hardwood floors sagging?

Floor Joist Repair and Replacement

The Problem: A Sagging Floor

If you have floor that creak or are uneven this could mean you have some structural concerns that should be looked at by a professional. Often the cause can be weakened joists above either a full basement that is in need of a waterproofing system or a crawl space that needs to be encapsulated.

Most times either foundation settlement or diminished integrity of the joists that support the floor are the cause of a floor that is sagging. Often an annoying creaking noise or seeing a slope in the floor in a specific spot is the first thing people notice. Not to worry, we fix this issue for many homeowners all over Indianapolis and the surrounding area.

The Solution: Floor Joist Repair, Replacement & Supports

Depending on how much of a floor is sagging or the extent of the damage we have multiple proven ways to fix a sagging floor, including:

  1. New Joists - By adding "sister" joists we can level out a floor and bring it back to even.
  2. Dehumidification - Moisture needs to be eliminated in order to prevent long term wood rot. Our EZ Breathe™ system controls humidity levels. In addition, we'll inspect plumbing lines to ensure no leaks are causing wood rot.
  3. Supports - A more of a short term fix that is much less expensive than replacing or repairing joists and girders is to use support beams at various interval spacing. This is not the preferred long term fix, however, it can be effective and certainly is less costly than new joists due to the ease of installation.
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