Water Damage in a Basement

Basement Waterproofing in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Problem: Water Penetration in Your Basement

There are a number of warning signs you may come across indicating you have water leaking into your basement including visible water or water spots on the walls, running down from your window wells, foundation walls or coming up through the floor. These signs are usually most evident after it has rained. Constant moisture in your basement can result in mold growing on your walls, floors, windows, and any organic materials, such as paper or cardboard, that may be stored in your basement.

If you see any of the warning signs above, contact us to do a free inspection of your basement and yard grading. We'll determine the extent of the damage and viable options to fix the areas of concern. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will be to your property’s structural integrity and potentially your belongings - so we recommend you do not procrastinate.

Often times homeowners choose to simply go down the basement and use a shop vac each time it rains in order to avoid having to incur the expense of rectifying the seepage. Homeowners we have done work for often tell us that they don't know why they did not fix the problem sooner but the gist of the matter is - out of sight, out of mind. Knowing that everyone will have to fill out a disclosure at some point when selling a home, it just makes sense to fix the problems and then live in your home with a peace of mind knowing the basement will stay dry during periods of heavy rain.

At Indiana Foundation Pros, we offer practical advice and economical solutions designed to need each individual homeowners specific requirements.

The Solution: - Install a Basement Waterproofing System

Water can leak into your basement a number of ways – over the top of your foundation, through leaking wall or floor cracks, basement windows with weak seals, up through a clogged floor drain, through the cove joint (where the wall and floor meet), or it could be caused by a plumbing problem or hydrostatic pressure from underneath the basement floor slab.

Depending upon the area of concern we first must diagnose the source or multiple areas allowing water to enter the space.  Our basement waterproofing system is tailored to fit your homes unique needs which means no two installations are exactly alike. When you contact Indiana Foundation Pros, we inspect your home thoroughly before recommending a solution. We offer waterproofing products that will repair wall and floor cracks, reduce moisture (and eliminate potential mold growth), control humidity, ensure proper yard drainage, and keep your basement dry.

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