Crawl Space Repair, Basement Waterproofing, and Foundation Repair throughout Nashville, Indiana

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If you have started to notice excess water in your basement, it’s important to act quickly in order to prevent further moisture from entering your property. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana Foundation Pros has years experience helping home owners in Nashville waterproof their basements and repair problematic foundations.

Basement Waterproofing

If moisture is entering your basement, the first thing which you need to do is check for any obvious external cause such as clogged or broken gutters. If none can be found it’s then it is a good idea to reach out to waterproofing professionals such as ourselves who can find the cause of the problem. We can then comp up with a solution to waterproof your basement and in doing so protect your home from future water problems.

Foundation Repair and Replacement

When you open your windows and doors do they stick? Are cracks appearing in your homes dry walling? If so, it’s highly likely that your home's foundation has been weakened either due to exterior moisture issues or your home having settled. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to get in touch with foundation experts to evaluate the problem and work to address your concerns. Helping homeowners all across Indiana, we can perform foundation repair in order to prevent further structural damage, and if necessary, carry out full foundation replacement work.

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation

An unsealed crawl space can act like a magnet for dampness and unwanted pests. Left unsealed, high levels of humidity can lead to mold and fungus outbreaks. Helping you avert such problems, we can install a crawl space encapsulation system. This way you can stop moisture in its tracks and prevent pests and critters from moving into the area.

About Nashville, Indiana

Founded in 1836, Nashville is a top Indiana tourist destination due the stunning natural beauty of the area and a high number of artists and creative residents who have worked hard to put Nashville right at the heart of Indiana's contemporary art scene.

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