Crawl Space Repair, Basement Waterproofing, and Foundation Repair in Lebanon, Indiana

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Your home is likely your families most significant financial investment. This being the case, you likely want to keep your home in decent repair and hopefully see it appreciate in value over time. At Indiana Foundation Pros, we help you do this by attending to all your basement or crawl space water and foundation repair concerns. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana Foundation Pros has over 15 years experience providing comprehensive interior water and foundation repair solutions for all types of properties.

Basement Waterproofing

When ground-based moisture starts entering your home via your basement, it’s important to act quickly to stop the water from spreading and causing more significant problems by installing a basement waterproofing system. If you don’t, dampness can not only compromise cause mold or mildew growth in the basement but it can also prevent you from using the space to it's full potential. Our team can help you prevent water problems and finally turn the basement into usable space

Foundation Repair

Water problems not only effect the basement, they can be a contributing factor to foundation sinking and settlement issues. These will then worsen over time due to the weight of your home constantly putting pressure on these weaknesses. The good news is that we can effectively repair most homes existing foundations and in the worst case can also provide full foundation replacement services.

Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

The crawl space beneath your home serves to protect your home from surface level moisture. However, if your crawl space isn’t sealed properly, surface based moisture will enter this space and allow excess humidity to enter your home from underneath and harbor mold and mildew growth. At Indiana Foundation Pros, we help homeowners with crawl space encapsulation to guard against these problems.

About Lebanon, Indiana

Lebanon Indiana was first founded in 1832 and was named Lebanon due to a group of hickory trees which reminded early settlers of Bible references to the cedar trees of Lebanon in the Middle East. A popular local tourist destination, Lebanon in Indiana was once home to the family of Strange Nathaniel Cragun. Traveling the world for much of their lives, the Cragun family returned to Lebanon with a variety of souvenirs which modern day visitors can appreciate the courtesy of the Cragun family home having since been converted into a local museum.

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