Crawl Spaces, Basement Waterproofing, and Foundation Repacement in Lawrence, Indiana

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Our basements and home foundations are the bedrock of our homes. A damp basement or a compromised foundation and lead to a property becoming unsafe or even unstable. At Indiana Foundation Pros, we are committed to helping homeowners fix these problems through the use of basement waterproofing, foundation repairs, and crawl space encapsulation. Based out of Indianapolis Indiana Foundation Pros has over 15 years combined experience helping homeowners all over Indiana.

Basement Waterproofing

Having water in the basement isn’t just an aesthetic issue. If excess water is making it’s way into your basement, you are unable to safely store things there and definitely will not be able to finish the area. We can remedy this situation by installing a basement waterproofing system that will keep the water from standing in your basement and finally allow you to use it for extra living space or storage.

Foundation Foundation

A problem many homeowners face is foundation settlement and sinking causing cracks to form along basement walls and exterior foundation walls. While the causes of this can vary from home to home, we undertand it is something that needs to be fixed before the problem becomes catastrophic. At Indiana Foundation Pros, we specialize in both foundation repair and full foundation replacement. In both instances, we provide comprehensive property-specific solutions and work as quickly as possible to restore your home to its former glory.

Crawl Spaces

The crawl space beneath your home serves to keep your home off the ground and, in turn, keep your home warmer, dryer and better protected from pests. However, if a crawl space is not properly sealed, there are a number of issues that can arise including pests moving in and excess humidity causing mold and mildew to grow. To prevent this from happening, we can install a crawl space encapsulation system to control humidity and prevent creatures from entering the area.

About Lawrence, Indiana

First serving as a wilderness stop on a Native American trail, Lawrence Indiana was originally called Lanesville when the town was first platted in 1843. However due to the presence of an existing Lanesville in Indiana, the towns name was changed to Jamestown before finally being settled on as Lawrence in 1866. Playing a significant part in the American Civil War, Lawrence has strong military ties due to nearby Fort Benjamin Harrison providing training and support to U.S. troops right through from WW1 to operation Desert Storm.

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