Crawl Space Encapsulation, Basement Waterproofing, and Foundation Repair in Kokomo, Indiana


A good sized, dry basement can be a great asset. More and more people are realizing the benefits associated with converting basements into extra living spaces. At the same time, though, many homeowners suffer from damp, leaking basements. At Indiana Foundation Pros, we can help you remedy this inconvenience. We have over 15 years combined experience resealing basements throughout Indiana. Based out of Indianapolis we also specialize in full property foundation repair and replacement.

Basement Waterproofing

From damp musty smells to water visibly pooling around your basement edges, if water is entering your basement you stand to face a variety of structural and potential health problems. At Indiana Foundation Pros we install basement waterproofing systems throughout Indiana in order to prevent basement moisture becoming such a concern. Even better, a dry basement provides an ideal opportunity for you to think about refurbishing basement areas into extra living and recreational spaces.

Foundation and Replacement

Persistent water issues can cause a range of problems, the most significant being the potential weakening of your home's foundations. As ground moisture levels rise and fall and temperatures change throughout the year, the soil supporting your home can be weakened. If this happens, you may be in need of our foundation repair services to stabilize your foundation and prevent future damage.

Crawl Spaces

Working to insulate your home and keep your home dry, the crawl space beneath your home can actually give rise to high levels of humidity if it isn’t sealed properly. If this happens, you can have problems with your floor joists supporting the first floor or there could be mold or mildew growth. To stop this, we provide crawl space encapsulation to help control the humidity levels and keep your home dry and safe.

About Kokomo, Indiana

Named after Ma-Ko-Ko-Mo, one of the last Chiefs of the Miami Indians who originally inhabited the area, Kokomo Indiana grew quickly after being established due to the coming of the first railroads and a late 19th-century natural gas boom. Because of this early expansion of industry, Kokomo has since become home to a variety of industries. Today the city is still a hub of industry and manufacturing with many residents being employed by the

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