Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space Encapsulation, and Foundation Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana

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If you’ve just started noticing that water is entering your basement, the first thing you should check is any external cause such as clogged or leaky guttering. However, if the problem seems to be internal you will need to employ the services of Indiana Foundation Pros in order to quickly put a stop to water damage that may be starting to affect your home. Based out of Indianapolis Indiana Foundation Pros has over 15 years experience waterproofing Indiana-based homeowners basements, as well as carrying out extensive foundation repair and replacement work.

Basement Waterproofing

If you can’t find an obvious external root cause of your basement water problem, it’s likely that the system that was previously keeping water out has been compromised in some way. When this happens, moisture is able to get into your basement and cause problems that will prevent you from using your basement for extra living space or storage. Approaching each property differently, we help homeowners with a basement waterproofing system and avert such problems. Once a system is in place, you will be able to finish your basement and enjoy having more room.

Foundation Repair

Your home is your castle but every castle is only as strong as the foundations upon which it rests. In this case, if you’re experiencing wall cracks in either your foundation or other parts of your property, you are likely in need of foundation repair or replacement work. Whether your home is sinking, settling, or has been affected by exposure to fluctuating water tables, our foundation repair and replacement services are designed to reestablish your home's structural integrity and prevent future settlement problems.

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation

Almost all of us forget about the crawl space beneath our home until something goes wrong. In most cases, problems arise because of high humidity resulting in mold and fungus grwoth. This is due to the fact that unsealed crawl spaces allow moisture to enter the area under properties and that moisture is trapped with nowhere to go. Thankfully, we provide fast and efficient crawl space encapsulation services which will help you control the excess humidity and prevent the mold growth.

About Indianapolis, Indiana

The capital of the state of Indiana, Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and is home to over 2 million permanent residents. Originally inhabited by the Miami and Lenape Indians, these tribes were displaced in the early 1820s in order to make way for the city of Indianapolis being laid out in 1821. Since this time, Indianapolis has become a thriving economic hub with Indianapolis airport alone being the 23rd busiest in the world.

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