Crawl Space Repair, Basement Waterproofing, and Foundation Repair throughout Crawfordsville, Indiana

Crawfordsville Courthouse

With our 15 years of combined experience, Indiana Foundation Pros helps Indiana and Crawfordsville residents protect properties against basement water problems, excess crawl space moisture, and a variety of structural and foundation issues.

Basement Waterproofing

Due to the basements being below ground, they are more susceptible than the rest of your home to excess moisture and water damage. This is because moisture in the earth around your home will naturally attempt to pool in the area where your basement is situated. This isn’t a problem if your basement is properly sealed against such moisture but if it isn’t, excess water and high humidity can and will make their way into your basement. Based out of Indianapolis, we help Crawfordsville homeowners with basement waterproofing in order to protect against these problems and allow you to finally finish your basement and use it for additional living space or much needed storage.

Foundation Repair/Replacement

Over time, as the soil below your home goes through yearly cycles of temperature changes and absorbing and releasing water, it can start to be unable to support your home properly. When this happens, you will start to see long wall cracks in the basement or along the exterior of the foundation. It is important that when you notice these cracks, you have a member of our team investigate the cracks to determine if any type of foundation repair is required. Often, we determine the problems are minor and simple fixes can be implemented. One of the more common repairs we implement is the installation of foundation piers to stabilize the sinking foundation.

Crawl Space Cleanup & Encapsulation

As well as just affecting basement and foundation areas, moisture can also cause significant damage to the crawl space beneath your home. In fact, high levels of humidity in this area can promote mold and fungus growth. Helping you encapsulate the crawl space beneath your home, we help protect your home's longevity and guard against pests and vermin moving in below your home.

About Crawfordsville, Indiana

First laid out in 1823, Crawfordsville was originally named after native Virginian and cabinet officer, Colonel William H. Crawford. Gaining city status in 1865, Crawfordsville has since gone on to become home to Wabash College, one of only three remaining male-only liberal arts colleges in the United States. Also of note, is the legend of the so-called Crawfordsville Monster, a cloud-based creature with red glowing eyes which apparently terrorized the city in the late 19th century.

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